Saturday, April 7, 2007

The Tell of a Tale: The Magician's Bunny

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To begin this tale I will give you some background for as a child my favorite storybook was about a bunny. Not that I remember how the story goes anymore, but the title I will always remember "Bunny Blue". Possibly it is one of the reasons I am obsessed with rabbits. I love to feel the soft fur, watch the nose do its wiggle and the hiphop of scampering from hither and yon. Perhaps in the context of this association the real "Bunny Blue" and I were to meet.

The school that I attended often had assemblies of various sorts. But one of interest to many, including myself, was the scheduling of a magic show by a "real magican". Now as a second grader & with a highly imaginative mind this was to be a phenomenal experience. The day finally came with each grade filing in to take their seats in front of the stage. Certainly the magic of the magician cast its spell as each child sat spellbound in wonderment watching the magician with his bag of tricks. All to soon the show was almost over but wait, there was still one very important trick the magician had to offer - pulling a bunny out of the magician's hat. The highlight of the show! Now who in the audience could help the magician with this feat? "Little girl" he called out "please come up to help me". As an adult I often wonder about that moment and how I truly reacted to the fact it was me he was asking to help pull the white rabbit from his hat! The next few moment were a whirl & all I remember was holding a real live white rabbit I had helped pull from his hat! I stood there in amazment as I am sure all the other children in the audience were also quite amazed. Now, if you think this tale ends here, it doesn't as I was presented with this gorgeous white bunny - to keep! Now, back in the class room this bunny became the center of attention to the point of being a big distraction with the teacher finally calling my mother to tell her she needed to come to the school to picked up a white rabbit! I can imagine my mother's reaction!

But Bunny Blue, as I named him, was truly a keeper.

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