Monday, January 21, 2008

1920's Tulle Net Lace Embroidery Tablecloth ~ Oh, A Beauty!

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I am always intrigued by the beautiful antique & vintage linens that seem to be discovered in cedar chest, cupboards and other storage pieces. Many of these pieces have been lovingly cared for from one generation to the next, family to family and so forth. At other times these treasures find themselves temporarily without a home and are offered for sale on the open market. Dealers of antique & vintage textiles fill that gap between the item and the next owner, offering for sale & hoping to find the right buyer to again lovingly care for & preserve these treasures from the past.

Here is one such item and quite a beauty. It is an estate find! I was told this lovely tulle lace and hand embroidery tablecloth was given as a wedding gift in the 1920's and had never been used. Was it so lovely someone wanted to preserve its beauty rather than see if fall into ruin by being used? We will never know the thoughts of the original owner but only conjecture our own?

As you can see by the photo it is a lovely thing...hand embroidered of thick padded daisies. Even though the tablecloth is round in shape measuring 53"diameter it does have a squarish look. In fact, a very interesting shape. The daisies encircle the cloth with embroidery & filled needlework forming petals to make the border. The very center of the tablecloth is of embroidery & filled needle work stitches. Most all areas of the tablecloth is filled with some type of needle work.

Still another photo of this lovely cloth.

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