Sunday, January 6, 2008

Ohio Star/ Variable Star Quilt Blocks ~ Red & White Calico

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Searching through a couple of quilt books I have did not turn up the name of these photographed early 20th C quilt blocks but in the course of time I was able to ascertain they are called Ohio Star or Variable Star. Discovering the name of these blocks also set into motion a thought process of wondering how many names of star quilt patterns there might be? I didn't have any trouble remembering at least 10 patterns right off in my head. With a little further research I also found dates of when some star patterned quilts were being produced. A couple as early as 1815 with one of them being the Ohio Star & Eight Pointed Star. In 1839 a few more were added to the list. Feathered Star, Lone Star, & Star of Bethlehem. By 1834 - 1859 LeMoyne Star, Texas Star as well as Blazing Star was appearing. Other known names are Evening Star & Star Of The East. Some even have a very patriotic theme such as Star-Splanged Banner. There are also variations of patterns of some of these popular names. In reading further it is said there may well be over 100 star patterned quilts. The stars are as varied, too. There are big stars, little stars, mixed stars of big and little, one large single star, four stars that touch on each block. Many times the stars will also be incorporated in other motifs.

There is much interest in star quilts and probably stars do belong to one of the most sought after quilt groups.

Ohio Star or Variable Star ~~~~~~

These are a pieced fabric blocks with the stars done in red calico. The remainder of the fabrics are of black & white calico, blue & white calico & other assorted prints. For more details and purchasing information please read here . Also available for purchase at The Gatherings Antique Vintage are quilts, other quilt blocks & old fabric for repairing qults or making new quilts.

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