Sunday, January 13, 2008

Woodgraining ~ My Other Hat!

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I wear many hats as probably many of us do. Not only do I buy and sell antique textiles and related treasures but I also have another job aside from my antiquing business. I have been involved with my husband for over 30 years of providing a service to the vintage & classic automotive industry. My husband has always been interested and collected Fords from the years 1933 through 1940, mainly. He always dreamed of running a business in conjunction with his hobby and one day 37 years ago by accident it fell into place.

At the time he was working & building a 1934 Ford Victoria & was looking for someone to restore the dashboard & window garnishes to the original woodgrained finished. Many cars of this vintage have metal dashes & window mouldings that were made to look like wood ~ a faux finish, in other words. Not being able to locate someone to do this type of work for this particular graining style we started to experimenting on weekends in the back yard. In time our expertise showed some sign of promise and we set to perfecting our art. And of course, being proud of our accomplishment we began to show the woodgraining to others. And a business was born. Today, we are still following the art of our trade and still providing a service to the automotive collector, restorer, and builder.

This will give you a little sample of our woodgraining. This is a dash from a 1932 Ford. The raised areas are in a burled grain while the flat portions of the dash are straight. All our work is done by hand brush work. No stencils or rollers are involved in our process.

Our customers comes from all over the U.S.. The parts are removed from the car and shipped to us for reburnishing. We then return ship upon completion of the job.

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