Thursday, January 10, 2008

Early 1900's Illustrated & Signed Hamilton King Valentine Pillow Top

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When I received this pillow top I thought it absolutely charming and the timing so perfect to Valentine's Day. Pretty girls and valentines ...what could be better! In looking at the top closely I discovered it was artist signed. I was even more elated with my prize. It is a printed cotton pillow top from the early 1900's, artist signed by Hamilton King, a prestigous illustrator of his day. (1871-1952) Girls such as the ones illustrated on the pillow top became known as the Hamilton King Girls. This top is definitely for the man that loved sports. Sports included are rowing, fencing, golf, polo, basket ball, horse showing, skating & yachting. Each of the valentine sweethearts are dress in relation to the sport. Surely, a woman of the day would have loved to present her Sweetheart with this wonderful Valentine tribute.

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